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11 Types of Yoga

11 Types of Yoga

There are many different kinds of yoga in the world, as many as there are yoga teachers. Everyone's style and pace is different. Some focus more on fitness or physical part of it and some spend more time on breathing and meditation. 

As you go through your journey of practicing yoga, you will find your own mix of mind and body flow. Here are 11 types of yoga for you to know:

1. Vinyasa yoga

2. Hatha yoga

3. Iyengar yoga

4. Kundalini yoga

5. Ashtanga yoga

6. Bikram yoga

7. Yin yoga

8. Restorative yoga

9. Prenatal yoga

10. Anusara yoga

11. Jivamukti yoga

To read about each yoga type, go to this post by MindBodyGreen Movement's post.

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